Lone Star Car Broker/Lone Star Car Transportation

(325) 695-2203

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Contact Information

134 N Clack Street
Abilene, TX 79603

Hours: 9am-5pm M-F, 9-1 Sat

Local: (325) 695-2203

Web: www.lscautoshipping.com

Company Information

Federal MC Authority: 528009 , 674609
Established in: 2001
Member Since: Aug 2002
Company Desc: Friendly brokerage company offering privately owned vehicles and full loads to carriers nationwide. Honest and dependable pay terms are promised, just ask us for more references! DEPENDABLE HOTSHOT

Insurance Information

Limit: 150,000
Deductible: 2500.00
Company: Lloyd's of London Besso
Agent: Inner Circle Advisors
City/State: Abilene, Texas
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Central Dispatch Certified
Received Ratings:
Aug 2002
Member Since:
* Ratings score is based on ratings given by carriers on Central Dispatch. A high score typically indicates that this transporter has a good relationship with its carriers.

Equipment & Route

Number of Trucks: 3
Equipment Desc: Freightliner/Take 3
Dodge/Easy Hauler 3-car

Route Description: Anywhere in the United States, as well as, exports.