SS Car Haulers

(585) 739-6509

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Contact Information

775 Burritt Rd
Hilton, NY 14468

Hours: 24 hours

Local: (585) 739-6509

Company Information

Federal MC Authority: 617406 , 656788
Established in: 2007
Member Since: Dec 2007
Company Desc: Car hauler.

Insurance Information

Limit: 500,000
Deductible: 1,000
Company: Navigators Insurance
Agent: Wyant Bomack Insurance Agency / Ken
City/State: Neptune New Jersey
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Central Dispatch Certified
Received Ratings:
Dec 2007
Member Since:
* Ratings score is based on ratings given by carriers on Central Dispatch. A high score typically indicates that this transporter has a good relationship with its carriers.

Equipment & Route

Number of Trucks: 10
Equipment Desc: 10 Peterbilt .with 9 car cottrell

Route Description: Willing to drive the distance as long as their is sufficient number of vehicles.